Thursday, 5 July 2018

Their School Milestone & Achievement

We are now at mid year 2018. Both our girls were doing very well in school. We had collected their report card and met their teachers respectively during Parents Teachers Meeting. Teacher's comments were good and they had been in their best behavior in school too. Mommy & papa are so proud of them. "My dear children, continue to enjoy your learning in school, make friends as well as do your best in whatever you do."

Abigail and her class teacher

Abigail and her Chinese Class Teacher Shirley

"Dear Annabelle & Abigail, now that you learnt to use the computer and may be able to read mommy's blog. With that, mommy and papa would like to tell you that we are so proud of you both and this is an important milestone. Keep it up.!"

Oh one more thing worth recording it into our blog. "Annabelle, congratulations on winning the 3M 画报contest too. See mommy didn't lie to you, as long as you tried (she did tried faithfully and tirelessly every week); there will be a day you will get a prize."

I Won!

A gift from 3M Magazine

In sports, they both tried and enjoyed PE a lot. Both of them are in Red house. Abigail's team won third place in the last Sports Day. Well done, mei mei. For Annabelle, she has tried to participate in the prelim of the sports although she did not get chosen to represent her team for the Sports Day.

Once again thank you God for being with the girls when they are learning in school. Please continue to bless them. Amen!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How 2018 So Far?

There is more than half a year, I did not pen down anything in the blog. I got to write one before the Chinese New Year. :)

Yes, how 2018 so far. I would say there are ups and downs to it. The ups are children are growing up so much that we both can't catch up, the down will be we both were blocked down with office works as well as house works and hardly had time to organize photos and writing my blog. 
Annabelle has entered  her "Big School" finally. She has her ups and downs too in the total immerse Chinese school environment. She gone in with her basic (at time she can't understand teacher's instruction) to now she can tell me what she learnt every day, we are very pleased and proud of her improvement. She getting used to writing the strokes very carefully, listen diligently in class, used to the school environment, buying her own lunch occasionally as well as she has friends that she will be playing badminton with on every Friday. She had her first 背写 lately and she did well. We hope she will learn well and enjoy learning in this school too. 

My darling girl, walk bravely into the school.

Buying food in the canteen


When jie jie doing revision, mei mei will do it too. 
Abigail continuing to her Kindy Year 5, some of her classmates in Year 4 were placed in the same class as her and some has moved to another Year 5 class in the school. This means she has new friends in her class. As the jie jie has moved to primary school, Abigail has took up a responsibility as a "jie jie" in taking care of Arjuna who is studying in Year 4 as they travel to school together in the same transport. Abigail is a fast learner and is coping well so far. Thank God for that.

One of her classmate
Simple celebration for Abigail's 5 years old birthday.
As her playful self, she says wanted to play in the play land. 

That was the little about them in school.

In the house, both girls knew mommy has many chores to complete especially during weekend; they are very good children in helping. Jie jie love it when I told her to help in the kitchen (cooking with supervision). Annabelle will set up her room every night before she sleeps. She took on the responsibility to award the sister "star" on the star chart if the sister behaving well the day in school and daycare. While Abigail being younger and still a "baby" to us, she plays a lot and will also help out in the house too. She loved to collect laundry from the rack.

Mommy said I can help to stir stir the vegetables.

Washing dishes

Help mommy to fold baju

Besides helping around, they will play together :)

That was a little about them at home. 

Since January too, Annabelle has joined the church choir and she took up the interest in ukulele. So every Sunday after Catechism class, she will be busy in the choir and practicing ukulele. Abigail also wanted to join but when we took her, "When you are seated at the choir, you can't ask papa mommy carry you.", her reaction was "I think next time then I will join!". This give a smile on all our faces. Since the choir started, Annabelle and Abigail love the Lord's praise and worship hymns and will hum away when they are at home. So nice to hear that isn't it. 

With that, I think 2018 is treating us well so far. We hope our Lord will continue to bless us through the year 2018.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Half a year of 2017 has passed

My colleague sent a message in our school watsapp group saying that there is 182 days more to go to end 2017. My reaction was "Really!, oh mine!... so fast!"

Since the School has introduced months and days, Annabelle would like to also mark the date on her calendar in the room. She will be very happy and observant on the days especially school holidays and the upcoming important dates such as school trip and etc. She will normally take a pen, mark on it and once the date has passed; she will crossed it out. 
Important event was marked

Dates are crossed out .. and marked

As speaking about the school, the school has introduced spelling, ejaan and also chinese (听写) few months back. In order to make the learning process slightly attractive, I bought a writing board for them and this somehow proof to be effective. Annabelle and even Abigail will write on the board whenever she needs to practice and learn up the wordings. "Girls, great job!, keep it up..!

Both of them have grown up so much that they will do the same thing together. Whenever, one wanted to write, the other will follow. One started to draw, the other wanted to do the same thing too. Even, when they want to use the same kind of dresses and hold the same kinds of purses :) phew!.. mommy and papa felt so blessed to have you both growing up together..

Those purses are arranged inline by the jie jie, if mei mei disturbed, she will be unhappy :P

Jie jie likes mashed potatoes, so does mei mei..

Mei Mei doing sand art

Of course, jie jie has one sand art too.

Eating thosai together gether

Picked their dresses to church

Jie jie wanted to measure how tall she is

Mei Mei saidm "Me.. Me...""!!!"

Monday, 26 June 2017

April & May 2017 (Eventful Months)

The last two months were filled with few events and functions over the weekend that mommy has not able to write the blog for both of my princesses.

In the month of April, we travelled to PD with the Taska family. Although both girls spent a lot of time with their Taska's friends, this trip was really excited for them as that was their first overnight trip with their friends. The trip filled with many activities from visiting the Ostrich Farm, Dinosaur Forest, swimming and beach side telematches as well as BBQ "makan-makan". The children enjoyed themselves so much, lots of laughter and mommy & papa was busy dressed as well as changing the kids into their swim wear many times. And most importantly, mommy and papa was busy ensuring all the kids are safe and are monitored at all time. The trip was a good one indeed and with the little effort that mommy and papa and the taska have put in can make the girls and everyone happy; it is so worth it. 

The month of May also a busy month for our family as the Mother's Day celebration and our yearly family trip. This year Mother's Day cards were all very special, I have received messages that make me teared and also a handmade card from both of them during the school's Mother's Day celebration. The hugs and kisses from both of my princesses are priceless.

Dear Annabelle and Abigail, thank you so much for loving mommy so dearly. Annabelle as you stated in the message paper, mommy has switched to a job that gives me more stable work time so that mommy can spend time with you both and "yes, mommy will come home early". Note to myself: This is not a sacrifice for them, it is done so that I do not missed the precious moments of their growing up. 

The month of May ended with the family trip to Penang. This trip has seen both of you girls different in the way you are, both of you are much obedient in following through the trip, no fuss made. Mommy and papa are proud of that. You both volunteer to sit at the children's table, you are able to handle your meals, you want to swim in the adult pool instead of kid's, you like to join your korkor jiejie in yiyi's car, you both like to buy some souvenir for your cousin and many more moments that significantly indicate that you both have grown up.

People said, when we travel; we can see and teach our children more thing and to see how they behaved. It is some truth to it. We will pray that hope that we will have more chance to do it again. :)