Saturday, 1 July 2017

Half a year of 2017 has passed

My colleague sent a message in our school watsapp group saying that there is 182 days more to go to end 2017. My reaction was "Really!, oh mine!... so fast!"

Since the School has introduced months and days, Annabelle would like to also mark the date on her calendar in the room. She will be very happy and observant on the days especially school holidays and the upcoming important dates such as school trip and etc. She will normally take a pen, mark on it and once the date has passed; she will crossed it out. 
Important event was marked

Dates are crossed out .. and marked

As speaking about the school, the school has introduced spelling, ejaan and also chinese (听写) few months back. In order to make the learning process slightly attractive, I bought a writing board for them and this somehow proof to be effective. Annabelle and even Abigail will write on the board whenever she needs to practice and learn up the wordings. "Girls, great job!, keep it up..!

Both of them have grown up so much that they will do the same thing together. Whenever, one wanted to write, the other will follow. One started to draw, the other wanted to do the same thing too. Even, when they want to use the same kind of dresses and hold the same kinds of purses :) phew!.. mommy and papa felt so blessed to have you both growing up together..

Those purses are arranged inline by the jie jie, if mei mei disturbed, she will be unhappy :P

Jie jie likes mashed potatoes, so does mei mei..

Mei Mei doing sand art

Of course, jie jie has one sand art too.

Eating thosai together gether

Picked their dresses to church

Jie jie wanted to measure how tall she is

Mei Mei saidm "Me.. Me...""!!!"

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