Monday, 13 March 2017 girls.. you are growing too fast.

The conscious of writing the blog is there, but lately I really do not have time to update anything. My blog written was idle for a good 4 months (bad..!!! :( ) My photobook making too was KIV... what is really happening to this mummy?!

This is already the 3rd month of 2017; many special moments have passed but yet to pen down.

Abigail has started her pre-school on her actual date of her 4th year old birthday. She was excited to school and she is doing very well. Learning has taken place and she began to love coloring, she is able to write and pronounce words properly. She started playing "teacher-teacher" at home too. Papa and mummy do not need to worry much about her as she will pick up the book and trace and draw.

She is slightly different from Annabelle, I remembered when I asked Annabelle 2 years ago "How was school?" she will said OK. Abigail will have her "cerita" and we will need to listen, but cannot laugh even it was really funny at time. We remembered the first conversation I asked her after one week of school.

Mummy:"How are your friends?"
Abigail: "I give XXX (~her friend's name) zero!"
Abigail:"Because he is naughty!" 

(After hearing this, papa & mummy & even jie jie wanted to laugh; but we hold our laughter as she said, "don't laugh!")

Abigail is clearly more expressive, love to share more than her sister. Her sister on the other hand will ask me this: "Ohhh... mummy how come Abigail knows how to read A, B, C, and count properly now?".. my answer to them both is "you are growing and learning"

Proud papa bringing them both to school

Focusing while she writes

Some art and craft at school
After CNY this year, we have decided to give ear piercing to Abigail. We got her permission and brought her to the shop. This time round, we brought her to a Chinese Goldsmith shop instead of the Indian's; the process was smooth although at the end of it; she cried so loud and complaint to me that the ladies in the shop "clip" her ears.

Ears piercing 

See the blink blink on her ear.

Papa and mummy were proud and happy with our girls. They are growing way too fast that you can see they look into the mirror more often, choosing their own dress, wanted to put some light make-up and lipsticks and would love to take selfie whenever they have chance.

See how lovely they looked.

Oh... see Abigail, so shy shy.. .lady like ya!

Forever mummy girl

A simple we-fie, after mummy finished work at Education Fair

How about Annabelle? She is doing well too. She was really happy when her first milk teeth fall off and she told me "Take picture, mummy and I want to send it to Sister Angeline (who is in UK))". Her tooth-fairy (you will definitely able to guess who? :)) has slot in some cash to redeem her tooth that she put under the pillow ya...
Proud moment, gigi sudah jatuh!

Her legs are long, cannot use this toy car anymore

Both enjoying some craft 

Annabelle's excitement to school is as good as last year. This year she is able to make comparison by saying which teacher is stricter and who is the weekly class monitor in class. She is acting a very good role in school in taking care of the sister. Last month, I went to her school; I was surprise they both have common friends, where Annabelle knows her sister's friend pretty well too. Mummy is very please to know that.

Evening cycling was long awaited by them, 

A promise to the playground

One is brave and climb all the way to the top, another one bravely cross the "bridge"~ sign of growing up

See her colouring, simple lovely
Annabelle has some art & craft done (in joint effort with papa)

Jie Jie's work is more intensive for preparation for school

Moving forward, mummy's blog cannot be piled up as such anymore, mummy need to find time... must find time to record these moments. Even though this is only a gap of 3 months I didn't blog about us as family or as they grow, I am actually depending on the date of the photos in my camera/ hand phone to recall these moments.. I can't imagine the gap is even longer.

Just a point of reference to papa, my girls and I, "As much as both of you wants to spend more time with papa mummy, papa mummy will love to do the same... We pray that we will get something adjusted in the coming months for a better tomorrow."

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